NACD Spread Bearing

NACD (Rockford) Spread Bearing Power Take Off

Eliminate the need for a pilot bearing. A rugged PTO for those heavy duty side loads.

Industrial PTO
Power Take Off

Industrial Power Take Off

We stock genuine and aftermarket wear parts for your industrial over center clutches for those originally manufactured by:

  • NACD
  • Drive Rings and Plates
  • Twin Disc Clutch Parts
  • Rockford Clutch
  • GP Powertrain
  • AP Clutch
  • PEC Manufacturing

We stock the following:

  • Clutch Assemblies
  • Complete Power Take Off's
  • Gear Tooth Facings (Friction Discs)
  • Drive Rings
  • Clutch Shafts - 7" thru Triple 14"
  • Clutch Kits
  • Grease Hose Assemblies
  • Release Bearings (Sliding Sleeve Assemblies)
  • Surplus New & Used Parts & Rebuilt Exchange Units
  • Manual Power Take Offs/Clutches
Clutch Assembly

Custom rebuilding for all industrial clutches.

Industrial NACD PTO

NACD Clutches are an exciting addition to our line of over center mechanical power take off's.

NACD has become a leading manufacturer of clutches, clutch systems, Power Take-Off assemblies and their clutches.

NACD Power Take Off's are used on blowers, chippers, compressors, conveyors, crushers, generators, mixers, pumps and other equipment that require a disconnect clutch. The NACD Power Take Off is completely inter-changeable with the Rockford Powertrain style industrial over-centre clutch.

NACD products can be found in the Agricultural, Construction & Mining, Oil & Gas and Industries.

NACD Parts
Rockford Style Industrial PTO

Typical Industrial Power Take Off

NACD Small Engine PTO

Small Engine PTO

The NACD small engine power take off uses a 5.5" clutch in a special housing that will mount to a number of engines. It fits on a 7" pilot with a 7-3/4 bolt circle or a 7-7/8 pilot with a 8-5/8 bolt circle.

Designed for gasoline and diesel engines with a horizontal output shaft and are available in a dry version.